After climbing the tower’s 170 stairs, tourists come to the observation deck from which the landscape of this part of Podkarpacie can be admired

Observation Tower in Muczne


how to get there

From here one can see the Upper San Valley, Halicz, Kopa Bukowska, Bukowe Berdo, Połonina Wetlińska, Połonina Caryńska, Smerek, and also the Ukrainian part of the Bieszczady Mountains. With good weather, one can also see Gorgany (Ukraine).


The tower is 34 meters high and was built on the peak of Jeleniowate (907 meters above sea level). The ridge belongs to the western Bieszczady and is located about 2 km from the border with Ukraine. The location of the massacre in the Brenzberg forester's lodge is nearby. In 1944, Ukrainian Insurgent Army units murdered 74 Poles there. Muczne itself is a tourist destination from which the popular trail to Bukowe Berdo leads.



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Bison Enclosure in Muczne

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Photo: Wawrzyniec Augustyn