BLACK GOLD in the low beskid

Oil - black gold - was already known in ancient times. Rock oil has been used by people for a variety of purposes. However, oil began to be extracted on an industrial scale for the first time in Poland in the 19th century - it was in the Beskid Niski. We invite you to visit places that remind us of this - not so distant - history and its creators.



In some distance from the development of the village of Bóbrka you can find the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry. It was here that the time of oil began in the 19th century. An industry, that is one of the most important in the world nowadays, was born here. In 1854, owing to the cooperation of Karol Klobassy Zrencki, Titus Trzecieski and Ignacy Lukasiewicz, mining work began in the Bóbrka Forest and the first oil mines were established. Many years later, in order to emphasize the importance of the Bóbrka mine, which for many years was a model for similar enterprises, a museum facility was established, protecting historic buildings, equipment and tools, taking care of the memory of the important role of Poles in shaping the history of the world oil industry.

Wiertnica Bitków.webp [542.03 KB] Drilling rig in Bóbrka, photo from archives of the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry


In 2018, the Bóbrka mine site - the site of uninterrupted industrial oil production since 1854. - was declared a Monument of History and entered the canon of Poland's most important monuments.

The most valuable, and unusual, monuments of the Museum of Oil and Gas Industry include the 19th-century oil pits: "Franek" and "Janina" These wells, despite the passage of time, are still active, and looking inside, we can see an agitated mirror of oil. In Bóbrka we can learn about oil extraction methods and see, feel and even touch real rock oil - crude oil.


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Inspired by the history of the oil industry, tourists are recommended to hike in the footsteps of Ignacy Łukasiewicz. Although only a trace of the former refinery in Chorkowka, which he ran for many years and where oil from the Bóbrka mine was sent for purification, remains in the form of a commemorative plaque, although the Łukasiewicz mansion in Chorkówka, where the bustling life of the landed gentry and deliberations on the most important issues related to the oil industry took place, also no longer exists - there are many mementos of the inventor of the kerosene lamp in the villages of the Low Beskids. In Krosno, there is a monument to the creator of the kerosene industry near the municipal office, and among the exhibitions of the Podkarpackie Museum, the exposition of the history of lighting with a beautiful collection of kerosene lamps takes a leading place.


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Exhibition in the administrative building of the mine in Bóbrka, photo form wrchives of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry


In Iwonicz-Zdrój, on the other hand, it is worth visiting the spring called "Bełkotka" - once arousing fear among the locals, who believed that lightning was trapped in its depths. Near the spring we shall come across traces of the oil industry.


Pałac Polanka.webp [98.18 KB] The Trzecieski Palace in Polanka near Krosno, photo: Arch. Polanka Palace Hotel Restaurant & Spa****

A lasting monument to the activities of Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Karol Klobassa-Zrencki in the Low Beskid region is the church in Zręcin, founded by the oilmen. A cemetery stretches in the shadow of the tower of the Zręcin church. The remains of Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Karol Klobassa rest not far from each other. Oil industry pioneers, friends and associates found a place of eternal peace among the old-growth trees of the Zręcin necropolis. Ignacy was buried with his wife Honorata, who did much good for the Chorkowiec community. It was on her initiative that schools for peasant children were established, including the famous lace-making school. Tytus Trzecieski, the third founder of the oil industry, is buried in the Jedlicze cemetery. It is not far to Polanka, now a district of Krosno, where the Trzecieski palace has been restored in beautiful style.






Ignacy Lukasiewicz Oil and Gas Industry Museum Foundation

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Podkarpackie Museum in Krosno

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Podkarpackie Museum in Krosno



Ścieżka spacerowa „Do źródła Bełkotka” (oznaczenie – niebiesko-białe kwadraty)

obelisk poświęcony pamięci Karola Załuskiego (fundatora Zakładu Zdrojowego w Iwoniczu)



Trzecieski Palace

Pałac Polanka Hotel Restauracja & Spa****

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