The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry is located on the site of the Bóbrka crude oil mine, which was opened in 1854 and is still operating. The founders of the mine were Ignacy Łukasiewicz, Tytus Trzecieski, and Karol Klobassa-Zrencki. Learn the history of this one-of-a-kind place!


Fundation of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry in Bóbrka
Kopalniana 35
Chorkówka 38-458
phone: 13 43 33 478



Regular ticket: PLN 25

Reduced ticket: PLN 15

Family ticket: PLN 64 (2 adults + 2 children)



Guide fee:

Route 1 "In the Footsteps of Oil Pioneers" (visiting time approx. 1 hour) - guide fee: PLN 50

Route 2 "From Digging to Drilling" (visiting time approx. 2 hours) - guide fee: PLN 75

Route 3 "Three Centuries of the Mine in Bóbrka" (visiting time approx. 3 hours), from Tuesday to Friday - guide fee: PLN 120

English speaking guide - Tour duration ca. 2 hours - guide fee: PLN 100

Payment by card or cash at the ticket office.


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Why is it worth visiting the Museum of Oil and Gas Industry?

Visiting the Museum is an unforgettable encounter with the beginnings of the oil industry, its pioneers, and the equipment used for the first oil drilling. The participants can experience the atmosphere of the world's first oil mine, under the watchful eye of experienced guides. With the modern multimedia presentations, they can turn back in time to a nineteenth-century Lviv pharmacy or laboratory.



What is included in the price of a ticket to the Museum of Oil and Gas Industry?

  • entrance to the mine

  • guide assistance

  • multimedia presentations

  • parking

  • toilets



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