The relationship between the Low Beskid and wine dates back to ancient times, when an important trade route called the Carpathian Wine Route ran through Krosno. It was where this noble beverage was brought from Hungary in the 17th century to the courts of magnates and nobles by the Krosno-based Robert Wojciech Portius. Nowadays in the Low Beskid you can visit places connected with the production of local wine, taste regional products made from the fruits of the vines grown here, as well as participate in events with a wine profile


The area around Jasło and Krosno stands out on the map of Low Beskid winemaking. The Golesz Winery, the oldest in Podkarpackie, should be mentioned here, where Polish winemaking was reborn and where the only Polish grape variety, Jutrzenka, was created. In turn, the Castle Vineyard is located in the unconventional vicinity of the castle ruins in Odrzykon, the place of creation and inspiration of Aleksander Fredro's drama The Revenge, and the Prządki Nature Reserve. The Kombornia Manor Winery with its Carpathian Wine Salon - located in the manor complex - also enjoys a special location. In Kombornia, in addition to tasting a variety of Carpathian wines, you can experience the wonderful properties of chocolate while relaxing at the ChocoWine SPA.

Salon Win Karpackich.webp [417.57 KB] Carpathian Wine Salon in Kombornia, photo from archives Kombornia Manor House



Also worth mentioning is the Jasiel Wine Trail - which brings together 16 wineries. They include the Jasiel Vineyard, the region's only terraced vineyard, and Two Borders Vineyard, created by passionate people who gave up life in the capital for viticulture and wine production.


Winnica Steckich_5.webp [403.65 KB] Subarpathian Vineyard, photo from Stecki Vineyard

There are a number of wineries in the Low Beskid where tourists can learn about, taste, and purchase unique wines. In these places you can also taste traditional cuisine, experience the unique atmosphere of the region and relax with your family, partner or friends. Amateur oenotourists can take advantage of numerous educational offerings or guided tours here. Farm tour programs include a walk through the vineyard, a visit to the production cellar with a discussion of viticulture and wine making, and - the icing on the cake - a tasting with a winemaker's story. More advanced enthusiasts can choose an offer of specialized courses on wine topics or commented tastings prepared with attention to the smallest details.


What would oenotourism in the Low Beskid be without the Wine Days held annually in Jasło on the last weekend of August. The event is a true celebration of wine. For years, it has been a meeting point of the winemakers from all corners of Poland and abroad. There is also plenty of attractions for oenotourists, eager to come to Jasło at this time. Wine enthusiasts should also book a place in the calendar for the Festival of Borderland Cultures Karpackie Klimaty in Krosno, which refers to the region's history.





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