The spas of the Beskid Niski are resorts where visitors from all corners of Poland and Europe have been coming for years to take care of their health, beauty or just to relax. Iwonicz-Zdrój - known as the prince of iodine waters, surrounded by the vast beech and fir forests of the former Carpathian Forest - charms with its 19th-century wooden buildings reminiscent of Swiss spas. In turn, air blown in from the Hungarian Lowlands accumulates in the vicinity of Rymanów-Zdroj, and the surrounding forests, moistening them, making the temperature moderate, creating a microclimate that is one of the medicinal qualities of the place, popular among parents who want to strengthen the health of their children.




Spa waters of Iwonicz were known for their properties as early as the Middle Ages. They were even appreciated by royal medics, as evidenced by 16th-century records of a doctor at the court of Stefan Batory. However, the bloom of this oldest Polish health resort is dated in the 19th century, when Iwonicz-Zdrój was owned by the Załuski family. Their initiative led to the construction of a bathing establishment, baths and villas and guesthouses styled in the fashion of the popular Swiss spas of the time. The spa experienced its peak of fame in the interwar period, but this was interrupted by the turmoil of war. Nowadays, Iwonicz is still known for its waters with anti-inflammatory and shielding properties affecting the mucous membranes of the digestive system, urinary tract and respiratory tract, which are used by locals and visitors. Interestingly, cosmetics are also produced on the basis of Iwonicz salt and thermal waters , including the preparations of the local brand Iwoline or the popular IWOSTIN line for face and body care.

Iwonicz 2.webp [681.44 KB] Iwonicz-Zdrój Resort, photo by G. Joniec


An unquestionable attraction of Iwonicz-Zdrój are the numerous designated trails, allowing hiking or biking expeditions. Among them, the most popular are the route to Góra Winiarska and over the picturesque spring called Bełkotka, to Góra Przednia, Żabia Góra, Przymiarki, Góra Glorieta or to nearby Rymanow-Zdrój, and many others.





Rymanów .webp [740.32 KB] Mineral water pump room in Rymanów-Zdrój, photo by G. Joniec

Following the fame of Iwonicz-Zdrój - through the efforts of the Potocki family - a spa in Rymanow-Zdrój was established at the end of the 19th century. Rymanow's historic guesthouses are a graceful example of wooden architecture. The resort is characterized by a unique and unusual climate with both mountain and sea characteristics. The local spa park, through which the Tabor River flows, is charming. There are numerous springs - as many as 12! - with rich properties, the list of which is impressive. Some of them can be tasted at the local pump room, others at the intakes located within the spa. The Rymanów Spa bottles mineral waters, of which Celestynka is the most popular.


The resort was once popular with Polish artists. Stanisław Wyspiański, Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer, Kornel Makuszyński used to visit here, and the Rymanów stage was frequented by e.g. Hanka Ordonówna, Adolf Dymsza or Mieczysław Fogg.


Numerous walking and hiking trails exit from the resort area, encouraging active recreation. They are not very demanding, so that even occasional hikers can complete them. They are also suitable for family hikes with little ones. While traversing the paths, one can not only take a full breath of air favorable to upper respiratory tract ailments, admire the nature of the Low Beskids, which is captivating in every season, but also encounter traces of the ancient multicultural history of the area.

Paulina_Jakubczyk_Przymiarki_5253.webp [378.04 KB] Przymiarki, scenic range in the Low Beskids, photo by G. Joniec


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"Excelsior" Health and Rehabilitation Hospital, "Pod Jodłą/Under the Fir tree" Sanatorium, "Stare Łazienki/Old Baths" Sanatorium, "Biały Orzeł/White Eagle" Sanatorium, "Ustronie" Sanatorium, Health Resort Sanatorium No. IV, Health Resort Treatment Center, Mineral Water Pump Room


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"Polonia" Podkarpackie Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation, "Esculap" Spa Hospital, "Zimowit" Spa Hospital, "Anna-Staś" Sanatorium, "Gołąbek" Sanatorium, "Teresa" Sanatorium, "Maria" Sanatorium, "Opatrzność" Clinic, Pump House, "Świtezianka" Hotel and restaurant


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Red route - Main Beskid Route (From the Western Beskid to the Bieszczady): for hiking: in the eastern direction through: Wołtuszowavillage, which does not exist today, Wisłoczek, Tarnawka, Puławy, the Bukowica and Kamienna ranges to Komańcza, further into the high Bieszczady, and in the western direction the trail leads through Iwonicz Zdrój, Lubatowa, Góra Cergowa, Kąty, Bartne to Krynica and further into the Western Beskids.

Hiking the Red Trail:

  • Rymanów Zdrój – Puławy – Bukowica – Komańcza (two-day trip)
  • Rymanów Zdrój – Iwonicz Zdrój – Lubatowa – Cergowa – Dukla (full day trip)

green trail: Rymanów-Zdrój–Iwonicz-Zdrój

Start-End: Rymanow-Zdroj - Iwonicz-Zdroj

Walking time: approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

Route length: about 8 km

blue walking trail: Iwonicz-Zdrój–Bałucianka

Start-End: Iwonicz-Zdrój

Walking time: approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

Route length: approximately 5 km

green walking trail: Iwonicz-Zdrój - Przedziwna Mountain

Start-End: Iwonicz-Zdrój - Przedziwna (551 m above sea level).

Walking time: approximately 50 minutes.

Route length: about 2 km (one way).


Proposed walking routes:

A walk to the Bełkotka spring - Iwonicz-Zdrój

Start-End: Iwonicz-Zdrój

Route: From the junction of the trails in Iwonicz-Zdrój, along Naftowa Avenue, then along Wincentego Pola Avenue along the blue trail "Through Bełkotka Spring to Przedziwna", return along Naftowa Avenue to the center of the resort.

Walking time: approximately 50 minutes.

Route length: approximately 2 km

Trail through the "Bełkotka spring" to "Przedziwna".

Start-End: Iwonicz-Zdrój-Pre-Przedziwna Mountain

Walking time: approximately 50 minutes.

Route length: approximately 2 km (one way)

Trail to Zabia Góra

Start-End: Iwonicz-Zdrój - Żabia Góra (549 m above sea level).

Route: From the junction of trails in Iwonicz-Zdrój, through Dietel Square, Iwonicki Forest along the slopes of  Przedziwna Mountain, then along a dirt road between fields it reaches the top of Żabia Góra Mountain (549 meters above sea level).

Walking time: approximately 1 hour.

Route length: about 3 km (one way).

Route to Mount Winiarska

Start-End: Iwonicz-Zdrój - Winiarska

Route: From the junction of the trails in Iwonicz-Zdrój, along Aleja Naftowa, then along Aleja Wincentego Pola along the blue trail "Through Bełkotka Spring to Przedziwna", then along the path to Winiarska Mountain (529 m above sea level).

Walking time: approximately 1 hour.

Route length: approximately 4 km (one way).

Rymanów Zdrój - Slopes of Mogiła - Talera - Church of St. Stanislaus. Krzyża in Klimkówka

Start-end: the so-called Karczmisko near the sanatorium "Gozdawa",

Route: along the forest road to the Talerze clearing, then down the creek valley along the dirt road towards the Church of the Holy Cross Finding in Klimkowka, nearby a well with miraculous water

Walking time: approximately 2 hours.

Route length: approximately 4 km (round trip).


Rymanów Zdrój - slopes of Mogiła, Sucha Gora (611 m) - Klimkowka Oil Mine - Iwonicz-Zdroj - slopes of Glorieta - scenic Przymiarek range - Rymanów Zdrój.

Start-End: Rymanów-Zdrój

Route: by the red trail from Rymanów-Zdrój to Iwonicz-Zdrój, return along the blue trail towards Przymiarek, then along the green trail back to Rymanów-Zdrój.

Walking time: approximately 6 hours.

Route length: approximately 17 km

A route for senior groups and advanced hiking tours.


map of attractions of the Low Beskid