The Wall of Olza is an outcrop of Carpathian flysh rocks in the water gap of the Wisłok river

The Wall of Olza

Rudawka Rymanowska



The exposure is named after eminent Polish geologist – Stanisław Dżułyński and is the largest in Polish Carpatian Mountains natural outcrop of the Menilite Shales – a form of opal, which gave origin to our oil fields. The Wall reminds us that there was a sea once, called by the geologists The Tethys Ocean. Crumbling rocks unveil the water world of Oligocene marine fauna. Trace fossils or even fish bones can be found here. Combination of dynamic geological processes is reflected in different colours from chocolate, through red to yellow – the effect of weathering by wind. Such picturesque spot is a must-see for geotourism amateurs, but also any tourist will enjoy the place.


This highly valued for geological features the geotourist sight is placed in the north part of Rudawka Rymanowska. Following The Main Beskid Mountains Track you need to go 500 metres north off the track. You can reach the attraction following walking path called “To the water gap of Wisłok river”, which is in total 8 km long, its duration is 3 hours, and it is signposted with blue symbol RR.


Also the climate with curative properties contributes to the attractiveness of the area. The weather of cold months is milder owing to warm and dry winds blowing from mountains to valleys. However, moisture and minerals are add to the air by Iodine and essential oils intensively produced by rich flora.



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Photo: Krystian Kłysewicz