At a time when the whole world is rushing, it's worth finding time to live a slow life - relaxing while enjoying nature, silence, fresh air and, on top of it all, local cuisine.

Roztocze and its surroundings are the perfect place to slow down and enjoy the moment. At the so-called Subcarpathian end of the world, you will find places worth paying more attention to. It's also an opportunity to visit the interesting places of Roztocze.



Accommodation in the Roztocze - Our suggestions for a slow life-style relaxation


Chutor Gorajec - in the village of Gorajec, where you can hardly find mobile network signal, stores and big-city entertainment, you will find the Chutor of the Piotrowski family, a unique agritourism resort full of passionate people who will surround their guests with many interesting stories, valuable tips for exploring the area, who will show them around the Gorajec Orthodox Church or invite on a morning hike in the countryside. During your stay, you will delight in being here and now, and enjoy the moment. It is also where the famous Folkowisko festival is held.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-09 at 10.04.38.webp [230.15 KB] Chutor Gorajec, photo: Sebastian Owain


cichowe łozy.webp [664.14 KB] Forester's Lodge Cichowe Łozy, photo: Forester's Lodge Cichowe Łozy

Forester's Lodge Cichowe Łozy - lovers of walks in the woods, bicycle tours in the countryside, or simply calming down in the charming cottages of agritourism will certainly be pleased with their stay here. Visiting the lodge in summer, we will have the opportunity to relax by the pond, while in winter we can enjoy the Russian banya.


Zielona Perspektywa [Green Perspective] Agritourism - staying at this agritourism facility, located away from buildings and noise, surrounded by forest, makes you feel like you are at the end of the world. Time here runs slowly, and we can devote it to walks in the forest, to peep at bird life, and pick baskets of mushrooms in autumn. There is also a pond ideal for fishing and swimming. At night we can watch the sky unpolluted by artificial light and read a book by the fireplace. It is worth mentioning that the lodging houses are built of straw and clay.


Dzikowisko - an American backyard with country music in the background? No! It’s Dzikowisko in Nowiny Horynieckie. If you love relaxing horseback rides and nature that allows you to forget the daily rush, this is the perfect place for you! There is no TV, but you can find books, board games, and lots of animals: dogs, kittens, goats, sheep, chickens, and, well, horses.



Practical information


Chutor Gorajec

Gorajec 14 , 37-611 Cieszanów

phone: 570 096 596


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Zielona Perspektywa Agroturystyka/ Green Perspective Agritourism

Huta Różaniecka 122a, 37-613 Ruda Różaniecka

phone: 795 920 504


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Forester's Lodge Cichowe Łozy

Łukawiec 288A, 37-626 Łukawiec

photo: 889 150 888


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Nowiny Horynieckie 12, 37-620 Horyniec-Zdrój
phone: 668 875 599, 532 146 724

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Main photo: Forester's Lodge Cichowe Łozy