During this trip you will learn about the history of the Bieszczady Mountains, get to know the flavours and sounds of the Bieszczady Mountains, and experience the phenomenon of these magical mountains


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  • Cash payment in the bus - advance booking required

  • Advance booking of at least one day before the trip is required. We collect data for insurance with the bookings, i.e. name, surname and date of birth.

  • The tour is organized for at least 20 people.

  • It is possible to join the trip according to the timetable presented on the website.




Regular ticket: PLN 135*

Reduced fare PLN 125*


Prices valid for the year 2022* The organizer reserves the right to change the price subject to any changes in the cost of the individual attractions included in the package.

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What does the CLASSIC Bieszczady trip look like?


The Bieszczady Classic trip is one of those trips during which you can get to know the entire region, its most interesting places, and people living there. It is a round trip. We will discover the interesting history of the region and its people, inclusing the jewels of its architecture, and the tastes the flavors of Bieszczady Mountains.



Detailed itinerary of the trip to the Bieszczady Mountains:


  1. Meeting the participants along the route according to the timetable

  2. Travel along the most interesting sections of the BIG AND SMALL LOOP OF THE BIESZCZADY MOUNTAINS.

  3. Lutowiska, a stroll around the atmospheric village - the EcoMuseum of "3 Cultures": visiting one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the Bieszczady Mountains.

  4. UNESCO Orthodox Church in Smolnik on the San dated 1791. Visiting one of the oldest architectural monuments in the Boyko region, which has never been rebuilt and remains in its original form to the present day.

  5. Charcoal firing exhibition - visiting the exhibition showing the work on charcoal firing - one of the most recognizable, but disappearing professions in the Bieszczady Mountains and a visit to the Bison Farm in Muczne

  6. A stroll around the Bieszczady National Park - visiting less frequented places in the Bieszczady National Park, including e.g. the forgotten Boyko cemetery. During the walk, we do not go to Połoniny, so the tour is adapted to families with children and seniors.

  7. A visit at a shepherd's to discover the flavours of Bieszczady - cheeses incl. oscypek, feta, bundz, Hutsul cheeses - tasting and the opportunity to buy local products.

  8. Free time for a meal or souvenir shopping in Cisna.

  9. Visiting the interior of the church in Górzanka - a church with a unique atmosphere and an exceptional iconostasis in the form of rustic bas-reliefs located in the places of canonical icons - the only one in the Bieszczady Mountains.

  10. Travel along the wild valley of the Solinka River towards the Solina Lake.

  11. Visiting the viewpoint in Polańczyk - Polańczyk is a health resort in Bieszczady. From the viewpoint on the Kiczera hill, you can admire the entire Solina Lagoon and the beautiful High Bieszczady Mountains.

  12. Travel through the resort and a boat trip from the headland in Polańczyk to Solina.

  13. The Secrets of the Solina Dam - a thematic guided stroll around the crown of the Solina Dam - the largest dam in Poland.



What is included in the price of a trip to the Bieszczady Mountains?


  • Air-conditioned means of transport adapted to the number of participants,

  • A guide on the way,

  • Entrance tickets to the visited facilities (Orthodox churches in Smolnik and Górzanka, Bieszczadzki National Park),

  • A boat trip on Solina Lake,

  • Accident insurance,

  • Parking fees.