The original abode of the Kmita family in Lesko is dated to the late 15th century, when Jan Kmita, bearer of Szreniawa coat of arms built here a modest wooden stronghold

Castle in Lesko

J. Piłsudskiego 7

38-600 Lesko


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Half a century later Piotr Kmita, Master of Wiśnicz, replaced it with a two-story brick tower surrounded with a wall and moved the residence of his family to Lesko from the deteriorating Sobień castle. During the following centuries owners of the castle changed a number of times. In the early 1800s it was owned by Krasicki who undertook to rebuild the castle damaged by fire. The works continued for thirty eight years. The final concept for the alterations was created by Wincenty Pol. During the latter half of the 19th and at the start of the 20th century the castle in Lesko was an important centre of social and intellectual life in the region. The Krasicki family cultivated patriotic traditions and their acquaintances included numerous artists and activists of independence movements. The layout of the residence designed by  Wincenty Pol has been preserved to our times.


Some of the castle structures were preserved in a form of picturesque ruins, adding romantic and mysterious atmosphere to the surrounding landscaped garden. The latter was created during the reconstruction works, by extending and redesigning the previously existing terraced symmetrical garden and by incorporating relics of natural oak forest.


Restored in the mid-20th century the castle is used for tourism related purposes.


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Photo: Castle in Lesko