The greatest attraction in the village is the Franciscan monastery complex, which already was here in 1668

Kalwaria Pacławska



Its location resembles the topography of areas near Jerusalem. The buildings which can be seen here today were built in 1770–1775, to replace the former structures, a wooden church and monastery, which were destroyed by fire. From 1679 it is home to the painting of Our Lady of Kamieniec, later referred to as Our Lady of Kalwaria Pacławska. Inside you can admire valuable Baroque altars and wall paintings from 1857.


The sanctuary is more than the church and the monastery. Pilgrims visit the place in large numbers to follow the way marked with 43 shrines (including 5 made of wood), scattered in the nearby forests.



  • Kalwaria Pacławska historical and natural theme trail.



Photo: Agnieszka Parol