Manor complex in Trześniów was renovated after a fire in 1996, with some minor modernizations. The building has retained its original shape

Manor complex in Trześniów

Trześniów 79

36 - 212 Trześniów

phone: 13 43 94 002


how to get there

The manor house is built on a rectangular plan and is covered with a hipped roof. Next to it, there are two built-up porches with roofs. The manor house has a log structure, one-story, on a stone foundation. The roof with a wide eaves supported on the last of the ceiling porters is covered with shingles, the façades are decorated with boards in the so-called ichthyosis. The two-bay enfilade interior has been partially rebuilt.


The manor house in Trześniów is currently used as an agritourism farm.


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Photo: Karolina Kiwior