The attractiveness of the park is largely determined by the Jasiołka River, which has created oxbow lakes, backwaters, cliffs and small waterfalls along route

Jaśliski Landscape Park


How to get there?

Wildlife appeared here relatively recently, taking over the areas inhabited by the Lemkos, displaced in the 1940s. The history and culture of the former inhabitants are told through the buildings which have been preserved, such as Orthodox churches in Olchowiec and Radoszyce and the Open-Air Museum of Lemko Culture in Zyndranowa. The small-town urban layout in Jaśliska, a town known for the films made there, including Wino truskawkowe (Strawberry wine) and Boże Ciało (Corpus Christi) also deserves attention.


In the areas of the park with the most natural splendor are the nature reserves: "Wadernik", "Modrzyna", "Żródliska Jasiołki", "Przełom Jasiołki", and "Kamień nad Jaśliskami".



Places worth seeing in the park and the surrounding area:

Tserkov complex in Wisłok Wielki

Former Greek Catholic tserkov in Komańcza

Ciśniańsko-Wetliński Landscape ParkMain

  • Tourist trail „Along the Hungarian trail”

  • Tourist trail „W przełomie Jasiołki”



photo: M. Puc