Jaśliska is a very old town near the border; it was established in 1366 along the wine route from Hungary, to which it owed its high material status



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Jaśliska, formerly a town, features lovely wooden buildings at the market square. The town founded in 1388 was at first called Hohenstath. In 1434, Jaśliska became property of Bishop of Przemyśl. Owing to its location along the trade route leading to Hungary the town developed quickly. In the 18th century the town deteriorated and in 1934 it lost its municipal rights. The oldest buildings from the mid-1800s, can still be seen in the western part of the market square. These are single-story log and timber frame buildings facing the square. Gable roofs protruding from the front wall of the buildings create arcades. Under the buildings there are 16th century cellars where Hungarian wine was once stored. 


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Photo: Krystian Kłysewicz