Situated in a valley, surrounded by lush forests - nature reserves - the small, peaceful Jaśliska in the Low Beskids has attracted filmmakers for years. "Polish Holywood," as it is referred to, has been an important part of the Film Route created by the Podkarpackie Film Commission since 2020.


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Jaśliska made its debut on the silver screen in 1988, when Henryk Kluba shot several scenes in the then little-known town for "Gwiazda Piołun," a story inspired by the last moments of the lives of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz and Czeslawa Oknińska. However, film crews made their home on the banks of the Jasiołka River for good in the 21st century. Then Dariusz Jabłoński, enchanted by Andrzej Stasiuk's "Tales of Galicia", came here. The microcosm of Jaśliska, with its wooden architecture that has survived the decades and the atmosphere created by its residents, brought to the director's mind the stories of the characters he knew from books. So it comes as no surprise that in the film "Wino truskawkowe/Strawberry Wine", which was shot in Jaśliska, the background for the plot events was created by the villagers, patiently acting in the background of individual scenes.


In the following years, Jaśliska appeared in other Polish and foreign productions. Wojtek Smarzowski's "Volhynia" was shot there, as well as the black comedy "The Big Cold," a Polish-French-Belgian co-production starring Jean-Pierre Bacri, and Małgorzata Szumowska's "Faces." The name of Polish Hollywood was attached to Jaśliska with the success of Jan Komasa's film, Corpus Christi. Owing to this production, honored with many awards and an Oscar nomination, the magical town in the Low Beskid Mountains attracts film lovers who are eager to visit the places where the film was shot. The latest production shot in Jaśliska was Marcin Janos Krawczyk's "Wróbel/The Sparrow," which premiered in 2021. Thanks to him, the townspeople once again appeared on the silver screen.


Leszek Lichota - who played one of the roles in Komasa's picture, also known from the TV series "Wataha" - also fell in love with the Jaśliska area. Together with actress Ilona Wrońska, they created a glamping site here - Forrest Glamp, a place where you can experience the magic of Jaśliska and the Low Beskid on your own.

Visitors to Jaśliska, looking for places known from cinema presentations, are invited to take a walk along the film trail. Specially prepared maps can be purchased at the local Communal Cultural and Reading Center, making it easier to find the locations of each scene and learn about their history.



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