The synagogue, located in the central part of the city, despite its turbulent history, still has traces of its former glory

Synagogue in Rymanów


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Jewish Cemetery in Rymanów


how to get there

Painted images of an eagle and a leopard from the "Parables of the Holy Forefathers" and the prayer scene at the Wailing Wall have remained on the walls. The central place in the temple is occupied by the bimah - the place where the Torah was read. Supported on four brick pillars, it has retained elements of plaster decorations.


Near the synagogue, there is a Jewish cemetery with several hundred tombstones among the trees, the oldest of which is over 400 years old. Two ohels (graves) are very important, because in one of them Menachem Mendel, a student of Elimelech from Leżajsk, was buried, and in the other, Tzvi Hirsz Kohen, son of Juda Lejb - a recognized miracle worker. During World War I, Jewish soldiers serving in the Austro-Hungarian army were also buried here.


Before the outbreak of World War II, Rymanów was inhabited by almost 2,000 Jews, which constituted 60% of the town's population. Apart from the synagogue and the cemetery, the former inhabitants are also mentioned by their descendant, Ms Malka Shacham Doron, who runs the Jewish House in Rymanów.



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Photo: Rafał Głód