Tserkov in Chotylub was built here in the first half of the 1600s, another one in 1693. The one which has been preserved to our times was erected at their location in 1888; elements of the older structure were presumably used in its construction

Tserkov in Chotylub

Chotylub 81

37-611 Chotylub


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 The walls above the eaves are clad with vertical wood planks with moulding. The foundation was made of armour stone. The nave is covered with an octagonal dome supported on drum, and topped with a false roof lantern. The chancel adjoins a small sacristy on the northern side. Over the chancel there is a smaller dome, with a pinnacle. The narthex, covered with a gable roof, inside comprises the choir gallery.


We can see here interior furnishings from various periods between the 17th and the 19th century, including a five-tier iconostasis from the early 1700s.


 Since a new brick church was built in 2001 the tserkva has no longer been used.


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Photo: Wawrzyniec Augustyn