Wooden church in Wietrzno was then built in 1752, and some materials from the old structure were used for this purpose.

Wooden church in Wietrzno

Parish of St. Archangel Michael in Wietrzno

Wietrzno 25A

38-451 Wietrzno

phone: 13 433 30 18

e-mail: parafia.wietrzno@gmail.com



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The log church is clad with vertical wood boards. The tower is a post-and-frame structure, and the vestibules are post-and-beam structures. The church is oriented towards the East. The chancel is adjoined by a rectangular sacristy on the northern side. The nave with a rectangular floor plan, along its entire length is adjoined by a rectangular porch. The tower, on the western side comprises a vestibule on the ground floor, and a porch at the entrance.


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Photo: Krzysztof Zajączkowski