Welcome to Eko Marina Polańczyk - a unique marina that is a real paradise for all enthusiasts of active leisure on the water.

Marina Polanczyk

Zdrojowa, Polańczyk 38-610
Phone. +48 785 522 011
e-mail: przystan@polanczyk.pl




Entry to the swimming pool – 8 zł

Yacht charter – 100 zł / h

Electric motorboat without a patent – 250 zł / 1h

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Discover Eko Marina Polanczyk – your ideal retreat

Welcome to Eko Marina Polanczyk – a water harbour that is a true paradise for lovers of active relaxation by the water. Located on the picturesque Solina Lake, it offers relaxation opportunities and a range of attractions that delight thrill-seekers and those who appreciate tranquillity and closeness to nature.


Safe swimming and water activities

Eko Marina Polanczyk is a place that combines innovation with safety. Pools with basins submerged in the waters of Solina Lake ensure a safe swim – the bottom is always within reach. That is a perfect place for young individuals who enjoy going to the beach and those who do not know how to swim or have difficulty swimming. Additionally, the pier features a beach that can accommodate up to 60 people.


Attractions for sailing enthusiasts

Eko Marina Polanczyk is also a sailing harbour where you can rent a yacht, electric boat, or kayak. Organized trips with a helmsman are available, and during the winter season, the location becomes lively with events for winter bathing and sauna sessions by the lake. Sailors docking at Eko Marina can access electricity, drinking water, toilets, and showers. Additionally, we will prepare your yacht for the next voyage.


After a day full of attractions, we invite you to the tavern, where delicious dishes a local chef prepares are served. The house's speciality is grilled fish, which is sourced fresh from the water and boasts an exceptional taste, especially with the picturesque landscape of Solina Lake surrounding you.


Eko Marina Polanczyk – your spot on the Bieszczady map

Eko Marina Polanczyk is a must-visit destination in the Bieszczady region. Here you can experience genuine relaxation, actively and safely spend time on the water, and taste local delicacies. We invite you to visit and discover the charms of this place – you will be captivated at first glance, and it will draw you back time and time again.


What to see nearby?

Eko Marina Polanczyk is a wonderful starting point for discovering the beauty of Bieszczady. In the vicinity lies the charming Solina, where we highly recommend taking a ride on the Gondola Railway and visiting the observation tower on Jawor Mountain, which provides stunning vistas of Solina Lake.


When in the spa town of Polanczyk-Zdroj, we suggest taking a leisurely stroll through the tranquil Spa Park. Visiting the Water Dam in Myczkowce and the highest dam in Solina, Poland is definitely worth it. These engineering marvels are truly impressive.


For culture enthusiasts, we suggest the Boyko Culture Museum and the Ecumenical Cultural Center, named after St. John Paul II, both in Myczkowce. These places offer insights into the history and culture of the region.


Nearby, you should also visit the Church in Srednia Wies and the Bieszczady School of Crafts in Uherce Mineralne. For those seeking adrenaline, we recommend the Bieszczady Bicycle Draisines – an unforgettable adventure and a great way to spend time actively.


As you can see, Eko Marina Polanczyk is the ideal base for discovering the charms of Bieszczady. Join us on this beautiful journey!