Construction of Greek Catholic tserkov in Hoszów started shortly before the outbreak of WWII. Prior to that an older tserkva, built in 1732 or 1770, was demolished and the building materials were used in the new church

Greek Catholic tserkov in Hoszów


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At the start of the war, when Hoszów was occupied by the Soviet army, the tserkva was covered with a thatched roof. It is said that later Germans stored ammunition here; the materials exploded and damaged the building. The construction was only completed in 1948, when the tserkva was covered with shingles. In 1951, after the enforced relocation of the local population, the church was used as a sheepfold and for other purposes. In 1971 the building was acquired by Roman Catholics, and transformed into a filial church of the Blessed Bronisława.


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Photo: Krzysztof Zajączkowski