The unique, remarkable flavours are rooted in the history, culture and nature of the areas on the trail

The Trail of Historical Recipes

By visiting these places tourists have a chance to meet artisans with real passion for their work. For them, making traditional unforgettable alcoholic beverages, based on old, local recipes and natural ingredients, is not only a way of life, but above all a pursuit to sustain the traditions of their ancestors.


The trail links 16 unusual locations on the map, including breweries, wineries and distilleries. A wide range of artisan beers is available at breweries in Wojkówka, Dukla, Ursa Maior in Uherce Mineralne, Stary Browar in the centre of Rzeszów, and Pivovar u Medveda in Humenne. Local wines are made in wineries: Dwie Granice in Przysieki, near Jasło, Winnica Rodziny Steckich in Jarosław, Winnica Dolina Sanu in Sanok, Salon Win Karpackich in Dwór Kombornia, and in Przeworskie Winnice. Nalevkas (liqueurs) and other spirits are offered by artisan distilleries on the Polish side of the border: Bieszczadzkie Smaki in Wola Michowa and Smolnik near Komańcza, Nalewki Rodziny Krzanowskich in Krosno, Podkarpacka Destylarnia Okowity in Długie, and on the Slovak side by Bird Valley Distillery in Humenne, ANMIL s.r.o. in Jurkova Vola and VANAPO s.r.o. in Svidnik.



Photo: Bieszczadzkie Smaki