Hotel Zamkowy*** [The Castle Hotel] in Krasiczyn offers recreational facilities located in one of the most beautiful monuments of the Polish Renaissance

Hotel Zamkowy***

The Castle Hotel

37-741 Krasiczyn 179
phone: 16 671 83 21



Hotel Zamkowy offers accommodation at prices from 160-700 PLN in rooms of various standards.

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What is included in a stay at the Castle Hotel?


Hotel Zamkowy [The Castle Hotel] in Krasiczyn offers rooms in the Castle, the Coach House, and the Swiss and Hunting Pavilions in the Castle and Park Complex in Krasiczyn.


The castle in Krasiczyn is one of the most beautiful treasures of the Renaissance and Mannerism in Europe. Presently, it is a unique combination of beautiful architecture with functional hotel and conference facilities.


We offer multifunctional rooms equipped with conference equipment and Internet access. The Castle Restaurant is located in the historic interiors of the castle. A visit at this place is a unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the past centuries, accompanied by modern amenities. We serve dishes derived from the best Polish traditions, as well as dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. In the intimate and stylish interiors of the Renaissance Cafeteria, we serve sweets prepared according to traditional recipes and from natural ingredients.



Additional information about a stay at the Castle Hotel

  • free parking
  • free billiards room
  • free admission to the castle park
  • conference rooms for rent
  • possible sightseeing at the castle in Krasiczyn with a guide at a promotional price



What is worth visiting in the vicinity of

the Castle Hotel?

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