Museum of Bells and Pipes is located within the old town, in a late-Baroque Clock Tower from 1775–1777

Museum of Bells and Pipes

Władycze 3

37-700 Przemyśl

phone: 728 346 250, 16 670 30 02



www.mnzp.plHOW TO GET THERE


Originally a Uniate cathedral bell tower, the building was later owned by the town, and in 1983 was acquired by the National Museum of Przemyśl Region. The eight floors of the tower were adapted to hold exhibitions. Visitors can see here fascinating artefacts related to bell and pipe making, the crafts for which Przemyśl has been known in Poland and abroad. The Museum (the tower) also comprises a viewing platform, where you can admire a beautiful panorama of the entire town. The clock mounted on the tower in 1820 today still shows accurate time.



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Photo: Agnieszka Kiełt