The undiscovered Dam in Myczkowce is placed very near to the crowded by tourists Dam in Solina

Dam in Myczkowce



how to get there

San creates here a picturesque gorge, the natural flow of the water falling on the turbine generate 8,4 MV of power. The Dam’s construction process was interrupted by the WWII outbreak, and the pre-war project was completed in 1956-1960. The artificial lake was created with the surface area 2 km2 surrounded by steep slopes of Grodzisko (556 m), Berdo (577) and Koziniec (524 m). The Myczkowieckie Lake is described as a paradise for fishing and kayaking. During the construction the builders uncovered many well-preserved remains of medieval settlements, in 2017 the archeological researches have started.


The 5 km long walking trail called ‘Niebieska Łezka’ goes around the lake. The place is divided into few protected areas of wildlife. The nature reserve ‘Nad Jeziorem Myczkowieckim’ main attraction are beautiful rock outcrops. In the nature reserve ‘Przełom Sanu pod Grodziskiem’ which protects the beautiful San’s gorge, the lesser spotted eagles might be observed. The object of the protection of the nature reserve called ‘Koziniec’ is the hill overlooking the Myczkowieckie Lake and the Solina Lake.



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  • St. Paraskewa Orthodox Church in Górzanka

  • the remains of Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Berezka

  • Skałki Myczkowieckie Natural Monument

  • the remains of Sobień Castle
  • Bobry w Uhercach’ nature resrve



Photo: Michał Bosek