The Lakes are a big attraction of the Bieszczady. They formed in 1907 after the collapse of the western slope of Mount Chryszczata following spring thaw and torrential rains

Duszatyn Lakes

Zwiezło Reserve



The landslide blocked the Olchowaty stream, in a few spots creating natural dams, which lead to accumulation of water flowing down from Mounts Chryszczata and Mikitowa.


Attempts to protect this unique landscape were first initiated by Count Potocki. Later in 1957 Zwiesło nature reserve was created here and today comprises an area of 2.2 hectares, with two small lakes. Water of the Olchowaty stream falls in cascades from the bigger lake to the smaller one located 20 metres below. 


Floating pondweed and branched horsetail, plant species which are a rarity in the Bieszczady, grow by the lakes and Neumania caliosa mites, previously unknown in Poland, have been discovered here.


You can access this area following the Main Beskid Mountain Trail  (Komańcza – Prełuki – Duszatyn – Zwiezło nature reserve – Mount Chryszczata).



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Photo: Dorota Czajak