Frequently referred to as a gateway into the Bieszczady, Komańcza is a large village of Lemko people, situated on the border between the Low Beskids and the Bieszczady



how to get there

Today Komańcza is home to parishes of three denominations: Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox; each of these communities have their own church. The oldest landmark here was a wooden Greek Catholic tserkov from 1802, representing Eastern Lemko style. Unfortunately the original building burned down several years ago. It was rebuilt in 2010. The Orthodox tserkov of Protection of Our Lady from 1800-1803 is another example of Lemko style architecture. The Roman Catholic church of St. Joseph was built in 1949-1950.


You can also visit an exposition related to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński who was imprisoned here in 1955-1957. On display you will find items and objects he used during that time.



Worth seeing:

  • St. Joseph’s church

  • cloister of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth

  • exposition related to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński

  • natural history trail in Komańcza and in the vicinity

  • private museum of Lemko culture



Photo: Krzysztof Zajączkowski