It is one of the major local attractions

The Museum of the Milling Industry and Countryside in Ustrzyki Dolne

Fabryczna 12
38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

phone: 13 461 13 12, 607 477 110


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Visitors can learn about the history of the milling industry and the complicated process of milling grain. This is the only museum in Poland where you can see complete lines for cleaning and milling grain powered with modern techniques. A very valuable exhibit is a roller crusher from the 1830s. The first machine of this type was built in 1815, so the one in Ustrzyki Dolne is the oldest, not only in Poland but also in Europe. The machine has a perfectly preserved and extremely photogenic wooden body.


The museum organizes workshops on baking soda bread (proziaki), croissants, and yeast buns with cabbage or buckwheat. There is also an inn with regional food, and a display of equipment used in rural households in the 19th and 20th centuries around the building.



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Photo: The Museum of the Milling Industry and Countryside