Devil's Stone is a name that intrigues in itself. Local legend suggests that this limestone monolith is connected to the devil himself. For centuries, this inanimate natural monument has been attracting all those interested in the tourist attractions of Roztocze

The Devil's Stone


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The geological tourist attraction of Roztocze and its history

From a geological perspective, the Devil's Stone is nothing more than an outcrop of tertiary limestone rocks, protruding above the earth's surface. However, what distinguishes this particular specimen is its impressive dimensions: 10 x 5 x 2 m.



There is, however, a more intriguing and mysterious explanation for the origin of this massive rock. According to local legend, it was intended by the devil to destroy the nearby Basilian monastery. However, at some point, tired and exhausted, the devil decided to rest. He laid down the stone and took a nap, unaware that the crowing of a rooster at dawn would wake him up. When he finally woke up, he was angry at himself for falling asleep. This led to the failure of his mission, and in anger, the devil abandoned the enormous rock. He never returned to that place. Certainly, he could not have expected at that time that the rock he left behind would make it onto the list of tourist attractions in the Roztocze region.



Hiking tourism in Roztocze - where to look for Devil's Stone

If you want to find Devil's Stone, one of the many interesting places in Roztocze, you need to take a dirt road into the depths of the forest. It begins opposite the former PGR buildings (State Agricultural Farm in the Polish People's Republic)  in Monasterz (a hamlet of the village of Werchrata). It will lead you to the edge of the forest, where meadows and cultivated fields are located. The rock is situated in the forest across from this point. However, to reach it, you need to circumvent the fields along the edge of the forest on the right side. The trail leads through greenery and wild nature. Due to its low level of difficulty, it is also an ideal option for children. The clean air in the local forests and the prevailing silence and tranquility further encourage a visit to this place.

Roztocze - Diabelski Kamień_1.jpg [14.90 MB] The Devil's Stone, photo: K. Kłysewicz






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Photo: K. Kłysewicz