Odrzykoń is situated in a border area between the Dynowskie Foothills and Jasło-Sanok Valleys, 6 kilometres away from the city of Krosno



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The castle dating from the 1300s, it once was a stronghold on a rocky hill. In the late 14th century it was awarded to the family of Kamieniecki, who expanded the castle. In the first half of the 15th century a western ward was added to the Upper Castle and over time it was transformed into the so-called Odrzykoń Castle. Then in 1512 the Lower Castle was added, it was also known as the Korczyna Castle.


Owners of these lands changed many times; in fact the entire estate was divided as a result of succession, and the castle complex frequently was home to two families – and witnessed conflicts between them. Such disputes inspired the renowned Polish playwright Aleksander Fredro to write his most famous comedy entitled Revenge.


In 1657 the castle was conquered by the army of George II Rákóczi; the ensuing destruction was so complete that the structures were never rebuilt completely.


At present the castle continues to be divided between two administrators: half of it is owned by the commune of Korczyna, and the other half by Odrzykoń.



Worth seeing:

  • Museum of Rural Heritage in Odrzykoń,
  • church of St. Catherine from 1867–1873,
  • ‘At Kamieniec Castle’ nature trail,
  • ‘Kamieniec Castle – Prządki Rock’ nature trail.




Photo: Tomasz Okoniewski