Bieszczady School of Crafts in Uherce Mineralne is located in a renovated building dating from the early 1900s and once housing a school

Bieszczady School of Crafts in Uherce Mineralne

Uherce Mineralne 137
38-623 Uherce Mineralne
phone: 570 770 135

how to get there

This is a perfect place to discover the beauty of some disappearing crafts. Your visit will start in the attic room, former living quarters used by teachers before WWII. Here, holographic figures of a girl and her grandfather will tell you about the old school, about the disappearing occupations, and the Bieszczady mountains in the times when these areas were inhabited by Roman Catholics, Greek Catholics and Jews, sharing the land in peace. The three rooms in the ground floor hold workshops in pottery, calligraphy and baking. During the ‘lessons’ you will be supervised by qualified instructors and you can bake traditional soda bread, called proziak, or have a go at making a clay pot, or try your hand in calligraphy while sitting at an old-fashioned school desk.  



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  • old fortified manor in Uherce Mineralne, its history reaches back to the 16th century

  • waterfall on Olszanka river

  • ‘Bobry w Uhercach’ Nature Reserve

  • Zagroda Magija – a guesthouse with art workshops




Photo: Bieszczady School of Crafts in Uherce Mineralne