The Reserve comprises the Valley of River San, from its springs as far as Lake Solina, the range of Mount Otryt and massifs of Magura Stuposiańska, Dwernik-Kamień and Jeleniowate. To the south it shares the border with Bieszczady National Park and to the west with Ciśniańsko-Wetliński Landscape Reserve

Landscape Reserve of the San River Valley


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Landscape Reserve of the San River Valley was established to protect the upper reaches of one of Poland’s most beautiful rivers, the San. Forests, covering approximately 80% of the reserve area, mainly comprise montane zone Carpathian beech forests, half of these featuring over one hundred years old primeval-type tree stands.


Within the landscape reserve many areas are subject to stricter conservation laws. There are seven nature reserves, including five delineated in peatlands: Zakole (5.25 ha), Tarnawa (34.40 ha), Litmirz (13 ha), Łokieć (10.28 ha) and Dźwiniacz (10.51 ha); spring snowflake reserve Śnieżyca wiosenna in Dwerniczek (4.94 ha); forest reserve Hulskie, as well as Krywe landscape reserve (511.73 ha). Because of the low population rate and small anthropogenic impact, the area features a great wealth of primeval type flora and fauna. During a stay here you should visit the Bojko-style tserkov in Smolnik nad Sanem, which is the oldest one and the most beautiful in the Bieszczady; other notable landmarks include the tserkov in Chmiel, ruins of tserkovs in Hulskie and in Krywe, as well as relics of cemeteries with ancient tombstones in several deserted villages.



Photo: Paweł Szymański