Ruins of the Monastery of Barefoot Carmelites in Zagórz are located on the hill called Mariemont (345m), in the bend of the River Osława

Monastery of Barefoot Carmelites in Zagórz

Klasztorna 32
38-540 Zagórz

phone: 13 306 73 00

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All together they comprise an area of 1.75 hectare. They constitute a rare example of a fortified monastery in Poland and in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Since 1967 the monastery has a status of a heritage site. In 1957, Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II, visited the ruins while wandering in the Bieszczady; the event is commemorated with a plaque. In recent years, the Way of the Cross has been organized amidst the ruins during the Lent.


Its top has been crowned with an observation tower. Apart from the possibility of admiring the old walls from a great height, you will be delighted with the picturesque views of the Osława River, the Słonne Mountains, and the Western Bieszczady. The monastery garden also looks stunning from this perspective.



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Photo: Wawrzyniec Augustyn