One of the most interesting places in the park is the Sobień Mountain Reserve, on top of which there are ruins of a medieval castle

Słonne Mountains Landscape Park


This provides an excellent vantage point with a panoramic view of the San River and Bieszczady Mountains. Thrillseekers will enjoy the Kamionka mountain (631 m above sea level), with a gliding school run by the Rzeszów University of Technology. Other attractions include: Mrzygłód with wooden, provincial buildings, Bieszczady Bicycle Trolleys in Uherce Mineralne or a historic temple in Liskowate. The longest serpentines in Poland are also located here.


The park is located in the northern part of the Sanok-Turczan Mountains and is mostly covered with Carpathian beech forest. An interesting fact is that the watercourses that occur there belong to the catchment areas of ​​two seas: the Baltic and the Black.



Places worth seeing in the park and the surrounding area:


Palace in Olszanica


Lesko and the surroundings

Monastery of Barefoot Carmelites in Zagórz

Ustrzyki Dolne

The Lesko Stone


Photo: Marek Malicki