Take the challenge and reach the five peaks surrounding Ustrzyki Dolne, the capital of Bieszczady

The Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains Trail

Bieszczady Centre of Tourism and Promotion
Rynek 16
38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

phone: 13 471 11 30, 662 126 104

e-mail: cit@ustrzyki-dolne.pl



how to get there

It does not matter if you do it individually or with your family, in what order and how much time you spend on it. All you need to do is take a photo of yourself at each summit and then deliver it to the Bieszczady Tourism and Promotion Centre. As a reward, you will receive the Certificate of the Conqueror of the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains and promotional gifts. The peaks to be reached are: Kamienna Laworta, Mały Król, Holica, Gromadzyń and Orlik.


Walking along the trail is also a great opportunity to see the trenches from World War I and II, the Gromadzyń ski station or the watershed of Polish rivers. The Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains coincides with other walking routes in the city and, interestingly, you can climb it at any time of the year.



Places worth seeing in Ustrzyki Dolne and the surrounding area:

The Museum of the Milling Industry and Countryside in Ustrzyki Dolne

Former Greek Catholic tserkov in Ustjanowa Górna

Greek Catholic tserkov in Równia

Greek Catholic tserkov in Łodyna

Greek Catholic tserkov in Hoszów

Museum of the Bieszczady National Park in Ustrzyki Dolne





Photo: Bieszczady Centre of Tourism and Promotion